The Telepathic Gifts

In the novel The Succubus  Gift, the Telepathic Clans are descendants of an ancient people who once ruled Northern Europe. Genetically, they can interbreed with humans, but they are also quite distinct. The Gifts are not evenly distributed, over fifty percent of telepaths have only one gift, Telepathy. 

Another twenty-five percent also have Charisma. Only one in one-hundred thousand have one or more of the rare Gifts. Only five percent have more than three Gifts, and one percent have more than five.

The number of Gifts and the mix of Gifts interact, directly affecting the power of the telepath.

The Telepathic Gifts

(* Rare Gift)

(# Part of Succubus Complex)

GIFT: Telepathy


Read minds, project thoughts into the minds of others, shield their thoughts from others - telepaths have additional awareness and ability to understand their own minds and bodies and the minds and bodies of others. Telepaths can, for example, detect and eliminate pathogens, poisons, and other foreign substances in their own bodies. An example is the ability to detoxify alcohol. Telepaths mature and age very slowly. Average physical maturity occurs in the early 20s, but mental development isn't complete until the mid-30s. Complete development and command of their Talents is not complete until then. Natural life expectancy is 160 - 220 years. Mental acuity and Talent don't begin to decline until the person is in their last 10 - 15 years of life.


GIFT: Charisma #


Influence others, project an impression of a person so that others’ perceptions of the person are enhanced. A very short-range projection, i.e. "wrapping" oneself in Charisma, can simulate the Succubus Talent of Glamour. Part of the Succubus complex.


GIFT: Empathy #           

COMMON LABEL: Empathy    

Feel the emotions of others. The person with the Talent can feel other people’s anger, joy, fear, hope, anxiety, etc.


GIFT: Bernard #

COMMON LABEL: Empathic Projection          

Project emotions into the minds of others. Change the way people feel and manipulate their emotions.


GIFT: O'Donnell *         

COMMON LABEL: Domination (Strong dominance)

Ability to penetrate or destroy another telepath's shields and take control of their mind. This is a rare and extremely powerful talent. It cannot be blocked.


GIFT: O'Neill *  

COMMON LABEL: Super shielding      

A complex Gift that provides the telepath with stronger, deeper shields, with 17 shield levels in the mind rather than the normal 9. Shields can be extended to others, even without physical contact. Shields can be projected onto others without their permission, blocking them from using their talents. Shields can be so strong that the telepath can mask their telepathy from other telepaths, and can even become invisible to others - telepaths and norms. A defense against any mental attack except the talent of Domination. The only complete defense against Neural Disruption.


GIFT: De la Tour *        

COMMON LABEL: Telekinesis 

Manipulation of physical objects, including animate objects.


GIFT: Murphy * 

COMMON LABEL: TeleportationInstantaneous relocation of an object or person. Usually only the person with the talent is relocated, but some adepts can take another person or object with them, and some can relocate other objects or persons.


GIFT: Kilpatrick 

COMMON LABEL: Power Shielding/Shield Projection

Stronger than normal shielding with the ability to extend their shields to others with whom they have physical contact (the attributes of this Gift are part of those in the O’Neill Gift). May deflect or diminish an attack by Neural Disruption.


GIFT: Christopoulos

COMMON LABEL: Aerokinesis/Air Shielding   

Manipulation of air molecules - an air shield will harden air into a transparent, solid shield that will block a physical object, such as a bullet or car. This is the only talent that can block attacks of Electrokinesis, Orgonekinesis, Pyrokinesis, and Cryokinesis. Diminishes and deflects Neural Disruption.


GIFT: O’Byrne   

COMMON LABEL: Dominance (weak domination)     

Ability to penetrate another telepath's shields and take control of their mind. This Gift is not as strong nor does it have the range and power of the O'Donnell Gift, and cannot penetrate the shields of one with the O’Neill Gift (the attributes of this Gift are part of those in the O'Donnell Gift).


GIFT: Lindstrom

COMMON LABEL: Construction          

Creation of mental constructs inside the mind of a person that create a strong illusion that the person is a different person, masking the underlying real personality, memories, etc. The person carrying the construct may or may not be aware of the overlying construct. Compulsions and other kinds of control can be built in if desired.


GIFT: Shamun    

COMMON LABEL: Precognition/Clairvoyance

Awareness of an event prior to it happening - may range from a "feeling" to clear "visions" of the event - may occur immediately prior to the event, days to weeks prior, or in some it manifests as visions of far-future events.


GIFT: Lubomudrov        

COMMON LABEL: Postcognition/Psychometry           

Perceive information about events that have already occurred. Psychometry is another form of postcognition which enables a person to perceive information about events that had already occurred by being in close contact with the area or object where the event took place.


GIFT: de Filippo

COMMON LABEL: Magnetokinesis      

Manipulation of magnetic fields. An adept can erase a computer hard drive by removing its magnetic charge or cause complex machinery, such as a car engine, a pistol or a lock, to freeze by magnetizing the parts so they can’t move. By putting a super magnetic charge on a piece of metal could cause it to attract other objects.


GIFT: Sivakumar

COMMON LABEL: Pyrokinesis

Manipulation of fire, including starting fires, shielding from fire, and hurling fire.


GIFT: van Serooskerken

COMMON LABEL: Cryokinesis

Can manipulate the temperature of an object or person to immediately drop to -20C. When applied to a person can put them into immediate hypothermic shock. Can condense moisture from the air or other source into ice. Can thaw frozen objects within seconds. A person with the Gift can regulate the temperature of their immediate environment (several inches) to allow them to be cool in hot weather or warm in cold weather.


GIFT: Hakizimana         

COMMON LABEL: Healing/Biokinesis 

Healing and manipulation of a body to cure injury or disease. The method used is similar to micro-telekinesis, moving pieces of broken bones or sealing blood vessels, then using energy infusion to accelerate the body’s own healing mechanisms.


GIFT: Jalair       

COMMON LABEL: Animal Telepathy   

Telepathic communication with animals - this is more of an empathy-influence communication. An adept can usually feel the “thoughts” of primitive creatures, such as reptiles, fish or insects, but can truly communicate only with mammals.


GIFT: Krasevec

COMMON LABEL: Distance Communication

Telepathic communication over long distances - often hundreds of miles. This can’t be blocked by physical means but strong electro-magnetic fields may interfere.


GIFT: Rivera #   

COMMON LABEL: Neural Disruption  

Neural energy from the wielder is projected into the neural network of a victim, disrupting their neural network. Depending on the strength of the projection, can be used to shock/stun a victim, or can burn out the neural synapses, causing permanent damage. At its most extreme completely burns out the mind of the victim. A weak talent must be in physical contact with the victim. A strong talent can strike several victims at once, and at a considerable distance. This type of attack cannot be blocked by mental shields except by one having the Super Shielding talent. It can be deflected or diminished by one with the Power Shielding talent. Without strong focus and direction, everyone in the vicinity of the wielder is at risk.


GIFT: Simsek #   

COMMON LABEL: Electrokinesis         

Channeling of electrical energy. The wielder can drain electrical circuits, store the electricity in their own neural network temporarily, and discharge the energy into another object or the air. Care must be taken by the wielder as too much electricity, such as trying to channel a lightning strike, may overload the wielder's own neural circuits. As a weapon, the channeler may be able to discharge the energy for a considerable range, both distance and breadth. Without strong focus and direction, everyone in the vicinity of the wielder is at risk. As a weapon cannot be blocked by mental shields.


GIFT: Petrescu #

COMMON LABEL: Orgonekinesis (life energy)

Projection of life energy into another person or animal. A person possessing the Talent always also possesses Energy Draining. Depending on the strength used by the wielder, this can be used to restore a person's life energy after being drained or wounded, or as a weapon. This type of attack cannot be blocked by mental shields except by one having the Super Shielding talent. It can be deflected or diminished by one with the Power Shielding talent.


GIFT: Farooqui #

COMMON LABEL: Energy Draining (human or animal)         

Drain a person's life energy from them. Similar to the drain a Succubus effects during sex. A weak talent must be in contact with a victim. A strong talent can drain several victims at once at a considerable distance. This type of attack cannot be blocked by mental shields except by one having the Super Shielding talent. It can be deflected or diminished by one with the Power Shielding talent.


GIFT: Kashani #

COMMON LABEL: Succubus    

Found only in women (X-linked trait). The Succubus Gift includes both mental Talents and physiological attributes. The genitalia have several internal and external differences from normal female genitalia. Specialized glands in the groin, breasts, underarms, and throat contain strong sexual pheromone attractants and the release of these chemicals as an invisible aerosol is under the wielder's control. Spectacular physical beauty is also considered part of the manifestation of this Gift. Other attributes include specialized modifications of Charisma (Glamour or the Glam), Empathic Projection (Influence) and Energy Draining (the Drain).

When a Succubus has sex with a man, his climax causes an automatic reaction in the Succubus, she drains his life energy by about 75% which puts him into an immediate stupor until his energy levels can recharge. This cannot be blocked by mental shielding. Evidence exists that this is at least partially enhanced by a reaction to chemicals in the man's semen, as wearing a condom cuts the energy drain to about 60%.

Notes on Kashani (Succubus) Gift: Limited evidence indicates that certain other Talents are strongly tied to the Succubus gene, indicating an interrelated gene complex - full Neural disruption, Empathic Projection, Electrokinesis, Orgonekinesis, and Energy Draining have been found in all Succubi tested. It also has been found that carriers of the S-gene, both men and women, manifest the same Gift/Talent complex as full Succubi, with the exception of the Succubus Gift.


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