Succubus Unleashed

Published: 25 June 2012, Smashwords, United States


It's not easy being a succubus.

After a crash course in learning about her genetic heritage, Brenna O'Donnell has discovered what it really means to be a succubus and has learned to embrace her strange Gift. Her major concern is whether Collin will accept her for what she is. As she adjusts to telepathic society, others in the Clan have plans that will strip the last of her freedom. Rival Clans still hunt succubi, and discovering their dark motives is paramount.

The social season is also around the corner, including events that Brenna never imagined in her wildest dreams. The succubi, representatives of the Goddess on earth, are at the center of an ancient worship. And if a girl is going to be the center of attention, then obviously she needs a new dress.


Night Owl Reviews 4.5/5 starts Top Pick Award:

reviewertoppick2Succubus Unleashed is a wildly entertaining novel, full of the same dynamic and enchanting characters from The Succubus Gift. The story begins at a very rapid pace and never slows down. The adventure is full throttle. I have read both of the books, and with each one, the story gets better and better. Fans of The Succubus Gift will adore Succubus Unleashed as much as I did... read more

Amazon 5.0 out 5 Stars:

5.0 out of 5 starsLove, Succubi, Trials and Tribulations..., June 30, 2012

By TeraS: What I felt was the most fascinating moment in this story was Brenna's learning about the past role of Succubi. The images of that moment, of that past, of what Succubi were in that time and what they are within the world Brenna now lives in really has stuck with me. I would love, if possible, to learn more about that past time and what the Succubi of that time were capable of... and the Goddess that they represent and that Goddess' beliefs and religion that she bestowed upon her kin... read more

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