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Aspens in Santa Fe

BR Kingsolver, author of romance, paranormal thrillers and the Telepathic Clans series, grew up surrounded by writers, artists, myths, and folklore in Santa Fe, The City Different, in the Land of Enchantment.

After living all over the US and exploring the world--from Amsterdam to the Romanian Alps, and Russia to the Rocky Mountains--Kingsolver trades time between Baltimore and Albuquerque. With an education in nursing and biology and a Master's degree in business, Kingsolver has done everything from construction to newspaper editor and jewelry to computers.

Kingsolver, a passionate lifetime skier, currently spends time writing and working with computers while living nine blocks from the harbor in Baltimore as servant in residence to a very demanding cat.


Interview with BR Kingsolver on willingtoseeless.blogspot.com

(excerpt) What makes your new novel unique? The characters in The Succubus Gift might be your neighbors next door. They look like you, go to work in the morning, you could have his baby. But that baby would inherit his father's telepathic gifts. There's no magic or magical races. My characters don't break the laws of physics, they just bend them. The mythology is based on that of the Druids, the people the Irish call the Sidhe, the People of the Mounds. Their telepathic gifts allow them to hide in plain sight from normal humans. My succubi don't take a man's soul for the devil. They do drain part of his life energy temporarily, but it's an offering of love to the Mother Goddess, and in return the man is blessed by Her. I think that's a very different way of looking at the succubus myth.


10 Questions with BR Kingsolver by Mia Darien:


3. What inspires you?
Sunsets, beautiful mountain or ocean scenes, the sweet innocent face of a child, a beautiful woman or gorgeous man … I think beauty is the central theme there.

4. What distracts you?
The same things. As I said, I’m restless and impatient. It doesn’t take much to distract me.


Interview with BR Kingsolver on Mel's Book Blog:

(excerpt) What do you consider to be 'perfect' writing conditions? I write on a tiny netbook that weighs about a pound. I can carry it anywhere, and I do. I don't write at a desk usually, but I have written on the subway. A big easy chair, something to drink and maybe something to snack on. 



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