Dark Streets Series

Chameleon Assassin

When a jaguar shifter approached me in a dark alley and told me the fate of the world depended on recovering a thousand-year-old gold statue, I said no thank you.

Being rude was a capital crime where I came from.

4.7/5 rating (33 votes)
Chameleon Assassin

When did I become everyone’s paranormal Miss Fixit?

When the Lords of the Icelandic Elves summon me to use my talents to find a lost Dragon's egg, I find it hard to say no. I've seen what a Dragon can do, and a young, just-hatched Dragon is a being of pure destruction.

4.9/5 rating (28 votes)
Chameleon Assassin

Washington, D.C., has never been boring, but this is ridiculous.

Warring witch covens. Werewolf packs fighting for territory. Rumors of Human sacrifice. Minor problems leading up to Beltane, when the portents say the veils between worlds will shred. Did I mention the blood mage conspiracy using Troll shock troops to take over the world?

4.7/5 rating (21 votes)
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